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Welcome to Voronoi Diagram Research Center (VDRC).

VDRC is dedicated to study the Voronoi diagram of various kinds for both practical and theoretical view points. We are also working on discovering applications of Voronoi diagrams in engineering and science. In the course of solving problems, we always implement algorithms.

We are particularly interested in solving the structural molecular biology problems using the Voronoi diagram of three-dimensional spheres. We are the first group in the world implemented the practical software computing the Voronoi diagram of circles in the plane and the Voronoi diagram of spheres in the three dimensional space.

To process molecular structure more conveniently, we developed the theory of the quasi-triangulation and the beta-complex. As the dual structure of the Voronoi diagram of molecular atoms, the quasi-triangulation stores the proximity among all atoms very concisely. The beta-complex stores the proximity among the atoms within the boundary of molecule very concisely.

We found that the theory of the quasi-triangulation and the beta-complex can solve most of the molecular structure problems extremely efficiently. In addition to the problems we have already identified and solved, we believe that many other important problems will be soon identified.

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