BetaCavityWeb: computing molecular voids and channels with their mass properties

BetaCavityWeb computes molecular voids and channels with guaranteed mathematical correctness and computational efficiency and also computes their geometrical properties.    more...

Input molecule

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Cavity type: Voids Channels


    - Solvent radius (Å):
      ( van der Waals cavity Lee-Richards (solvent accessible) cavity )
    * Bondi radius set is used (A. Bondi, 1964).

  * Citing BetaCavityWeb*
   J.-K. Kim, Y. Cho, M. Lee, R. Laskowski, S.-E. Ryu, K. Sugihara, D.-S. Kim, BetaCavityWeb: a webserver for    molecular voids and channels, Nucleic Acids Research, (doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv360), 2015.

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