The meeting will consist of several sessions, addressing all aspects of mathematical software such as

  • functionality
  • design
  • algorithm
  • application
  • practice
  1. Mathematical Theory Exploration (Bruno Buchberger & Wolfgang Windsteiger)
  2. Computational Group Theory (Heiko Dietrich & Alexander Hulpke)
  3. Coding Theory (Jon-Lark Kim)
  4. Computational Topology (Michael Kerber)
  5. Numerical Algebraic Geometry (Jonathan Hauenstein & Andrew Sommese)
  6. Geometry (Xiaoyu Chen & Dongming Wang)
  7. Curves and Surfaces (Jin-San Cheng & Vikram Sharma)
  8. Quantified Reasoning (Nikolaj Bjorner, Arie Gurfinkel, & David Monniaux)
  9. Special Functions and Concrete Mathematics (Jonathan M. Borwein & James G. Wan)
  10. Groebner Bases (Bruno Buchberger & Alexander Maletzky)
  11. Triangular Decompositions of Polynomial Systems (Changbo Chen & Marc Moreno Maza)
  12. Parametric Polynomial Systems
    (Hirokazu Anai, Hidenao Iwane, Antonio Montes, Yosuke Sato, & Dingkang Wang)
  13. Mathematical Web/Mobile Interfaces, Editing and Visualization
    (Marco Pollanen, Andres Iglesias, Setsuo Takato & Jeff Hooper)
  14. General (Chee Yap, Hoon Hong)
  15. Tutorials (Chee Yap, Hoon Hong)
  16. Demos (Chee Yap, Hoon Hong)
  17. Posters (Chee Yap, Hoon Hong)


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