October 10 - 20, 2005

Gallery Art Park, Seoul, Korea


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  We are pleased to announce The First International Exhibition of Voronoi Art as the first of such an event in the history of art in the world. In this exhibition, as a sister event of The 2nd International Symposium of Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering, we invite artists, scientists and engineers to submit artworks based on the concept of Voronoi diagram in a way or another.

  Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we believe that collaborated efforts for this exhibition among artists, scientists and engineers will provide a pavement for the new genre of art, Voronoi Art. Apparently a search in google with a keyword "Voronoi Art" provides very few references. The first work that we are aware of is done by Snibbe work of dynamically creating Voronoi diagram of moving people. Leys and Hansen, on the other hand, applied the Voronoi diagram concept to the design of ornaments. In VD2004 at University of Tokyo, Sugihara has shown his own pictures of Voronoi art.

  We invite artists, scientists and engineers to submit their artworks to this first festival of Voronoi art to leave the first footprint in this new genre of art. The artworks will be both displayed in an art garelly located in Seoul, the capital of Korea, and published in an extensive pamphlet with color plates to be distributed around the world.

  Authors of selected artworks will be given oppertunities to present the concepts or philosophies of their artworks at the symposium. If such authors submit papers on their works, those papers will be published in the proceedings of the symposium.

  In addition, we collect any historical material related to Voronoi diagram as well. This includes books, drawings, photographs, sketches, and so on. We wish to share a section of the exhibition for the display of the collection so that attendees can view the evolution of Voronoi diagram in the history at a glance.

  • Exhibition Period : October 10 - 20, 2005
  • Exhibition Title : The Evolutionary Space - Voronoi Diagram
  • Exhibition Place : Gallery Art Park, Seoul, Korea
  • Opening Reception : 18:00, October 10, 2005 at the art gallery
    (There will be a shuttle bus from Hanyang University to the gallery.)