The 2nd International Symposium on

Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering


 List of Accepted Papers



Interactive Design of Authentic Looking Mosaics Using Voronoi Structures

Lars-Peter Fritzsche, Heino Hellwig, Stefan Hiller, and Oliver Deussen

Ideal Point Distributions, Best Mode Selections and Optimal Spatial Partitions via Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations

Qiang Du, Maria Emelianenko, and Xiaoqiang Wang

Transport and Logistics Districting with Voronoi Diagrams

Antonio G.N. Novaes, J.E. Souza de Cursi, Arinei C.L. da Silva, Joao C. Souza

Constructing the City Voronoi Diagram Faster

Robert Gorke and Alexander Wolff

Voronoi Supported Communication in Wireless ad-hoc Networks

Hannes Stratil

Stable Computation of Natural Neighbor Interpolation

Hisamoto Hiyoshi

Hiding Secret Information in VQ Compressed Images Using Voronoi Diagram

Ming-Ni Wu, Chia-Chen Lin, and Chin-Chen Chang

A VoMVi Complex for Supporting Optimal Path Queries for UAVs

Amit Agarwal, Lim Meng-Hiot, and Er Meng Joo

Structural Analysis of Co/CoAl/Co Trilayer in Co-Al Binary System

Sang-Pil Kim, Yong-Chae Chung, and Deok-Soo Kim

The Application of Maximum-Entropy Estimate to the Fit of Area Distribution of 2D Sections in RCP-LV Diagram

Jinbo Cao, Yugong Wu, and Haifei Zhao

Exact Computation of a Circle Voronoi Diagram

Y. Tanaka and K. Sugihara

A Codebook Search Algorithm Based on Voronoi-Diagram Technique for Speeding Up VQ Encoding

Chin-Chen Chang and Wen-Chuan Wu

An Efficient algorithm for the Absolute Center of a Network Using the Farthest Network Voronoi Diagram

Takehiro Furuta, Maiko Uchida, and Atsuo Suzuki

Statistical Distributions of Poisson Voronoi Cells in 4-D and 5-D Euclidean Sapces

Masaharu Tanemura

Computing Straight Skeleton of a Monotone Polygon in O(nlogn) Time

Sangameswar Patil, S.V. Rao, Subhas C. Nandy, and Asish Mukhopadhyay

Power Diagrams in the Design of Chordal Space Structures

Jose Andres Diaz, Cesar Otero, Reinaldo Togores, and Cristina Manchado

Delaunay Partitions in R^n applied to Non-Convex Programs

James E. Falk and Lusine Yepremyan

Minimum Illumination Range Voronoi Diagrams

Manuel Abellanas, Antonio Bajuelos, Gregorio Hernandez, Ines Matos, and Belen Palop

Volume Modeling of Scattered Data Based on Weighted Alpha Shapes

Kun Lee and Jungmin Paik

The Crust and Skeleton - Applications in GIS

Christopher Gold and Maciek Dakowicz

The "Far Away Point" for Delaunay Diagram Computation in E^d

Yuanxin Liu and Jack Snoeyink

TESS3: a program to compute 3D Delaunay tessellations for well-distributed points

Jack Snoeyink and Yuanxin Liu

The Heavy Luggage Metric

Manuel Abellanas, Ferran Hurtado, and Belen Palop

Constructing Delaunay Triangulations along Space-Filling Curves

Kevin Buchin

Robust Construction of Sphere Voronoi Diagrams Using Digital Topology

Shiro Matuura and Kokichi Sugihara

On a triangle reduction method for drawing Voronoi diagrams with graphics hardware assistance

Osami Yamamoto

Watertight Boundary Detection of Domain-Domain Interface Surfaces

Changbum Park, Sang Won Bae, Jong Bhak, and Sunghee Choi

Reduced-Order Modeling of Burgers Equations Based on Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation

Hyung-Chun Lee and Sung-Whan Lee

Application of the Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagram to Flow Analysis

Takashi Ohyama

Voronoi Diagram of a Polygon in Chessboard Metric and Maskless Lithographic Applications

Hayong Shin, Eonjin Park, and Deok-Soo Kim

Molecular Surface of a Protein Using a Beta Shape and the Voronoi Diagram of Atoms

Joonghyun Ryu, Rhohun Park, and Deok-Soo Kim

Computing the Hausdorff Distance Between Curved Objects

Helmut Alt and Ludmila Scharf

Voronoi Clustering and Sorting for Visibility Determination

Shinichi Fukushige and Hiromasa Suzuki

Voronoi Diagrams for Pure 1-qubit Quantum States

Kimikazu Kato, Mayumi Oto, Hiroshi Imai, and Keiko Imai

Space of Voronoi Tessellations: Theory and Applications

Marina L. Gavrilova

Interaction Interfaces in Proteins Based on Voronoi Diagram of Atoms

Chong-Min Kim, Youngsong Cho, Chung-In Won, Jonghwa Bhak, and Deok-Soo Kim

Region-Expansion in the Voronoi Diagram of 3D Spheres

Donguk Kim and Deok-Soo Kim

Application of Voronoi Diagrams for Calculation of the Radial Correlation of the Intermolecular Voids

N.N. Medvedev

Advantages of Voronoi-Delaunay Dual Diagram for Computational Electrodynamics

Oubay Hassan, Igor Sazonov, Desheng Wang, Ken Morgan, and Nigel Weatherill

Advantages of Voronoi-Delaunay Dual Diagram for Computational Electrodynamics

Avneesh Sud, Naga Govindaraju, and Dinesh Manocha

Equity Bicriteria Location Models Using Line Tessellation

Yoshiaki Ohsawa, Naoya Ozaki, and Frank Plastria

  • Some of the papers are conditionally accepted at present, and they will be accepted when the conditions are fulfilled.


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