The 2nd International Symposium on

Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering


 Expected topics to be covered in this symposium  include, but not restricted to,

  •   Theoretical aspects of Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams
  •    Computational and implementational aspects of Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams  
  •    Generalizaion of the Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams  
  •    Applications of the Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams
  •   History of Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams.

 In this 2nd symposium, The First International Exhibition of Voronoi Art will be held simultaneously as a sister event.  To our knowledge, this exhibition is the first of the world to officially coin "Voronoi Art" as a new genre of arts. Participants of the symposium are therefore encoursed to submit their artworks employing the concept of Voronoi and Delaunay in one way or another. The submitted artworks will be also published in a separate pamphlet with color plates to be distributed around the world.

  •    The application areas of Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams may include fields such as   
    •      Biology  
    •      Chemistry  
    •      Physics  
    •      Material science  
    •      Geography  
    •      Location science  
    •      Geographic information systems  
    •      Mesh generation  
    •      Geometric algorithms  
    •      Solid and surface modeling  
    •      Computer graphics  
    •      Pattern analysis and recognition  
    •      Space analysis  
    •      Motion analysis and planning  
    •      Collision detection and avoidance  
    •      Interpolation  
    •      Operations research  
    •      and others  


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